Igor Cerensek

Igor Čerenšek, Director @ Mentalni Trening

What is you skill set?

My calling is helping people achieve their greatness. I work with less and more successful people who want to be even more successful.


What product/job/service are you most proud of?

What I do is mental training and I’ve surrounded myself with people who have helped me develop that. It’s about creating your own greatness. I help people who are in sports, business, anything really and who want to be better at it.


Why do you do what you do?

I would call it my personal mission. I simply found myself in helping others be better, be the best in what they want to succeed at. I enjoy it and I wouldn’t want to do anything else, actually.


What are you scared of?

I’m not currently scared of anything. The only thing that might cause some unease or fear is losing my enthusiasm. Waking up one day after doing this for eight years without enthusiasm, energy or drive. That would be a horrible feeling because now I wake up every day with a great desire to change the world.


How did you overcome your fears?

Fear is just an opportunity for bravery. I think I conquer little fears that everyone faces on a daily basis pretty successfully by just facing them. I can’t avoid them, I can’t run away, I just face them and the more of them I conquer, the stronger I become.


What would you say to people with a talent they’re afraid to try?

People who don’t try certainly won’t succeed. If they try, the have a chance, there’s no need for self-confidence, because that’s just an imaginary concept. Something people use to describe a lack of fight, engagement and preparedness. If they decide to be fighters, engage themselves 100% and prepare well, they don’t need confidence. We see extremely confident people when they’re fighting, giving their all and are well prepared, then we say shit they’re confident.



Find out more about my work at http://mentalnitrening.com/

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