Natko Beck

Natko Beck, CEO @ Core Interface

What is your skillset?

I’m pretty good at running things, I’m a creative thinker, a supporter, I love teamwork and I’m exceptionally great at reading literature, especially scientific. I don’t give up and I work for 20 hours a day.


What product/job/service are you most proud of?

We’ve managed to apply neuroscience to make products that really mean something and change the way people can do sports and neurorehabilitation. We really try to give true purpose to all verbalsima and developing technology. Meaning, that you don’t take your pulse, but get valuable information from it.


Why do you do what you do?

A passion for change. My partner and I started thinking about how we could change something in medicine during our first year of college and even then we knew changing anything in the system would be very difficult. We came to the conclusion that we could make something that wasn’t in the system, but would change medicine. As other great people have done before, we thought we could apply some really simple things to make a change and that’s exactly what we’re doing.


What are you scared of?

I’m scared of human stupidity and the quick passage of time, I don’t like seeing time just pass me by. I’m scared for the health of the planet and also the health of people’s conscience. I used to be scared of snakes, but not anymore since I touched a kind of rat eating snake. As for other phobias, I’m not really comfortable with heights, but other than that I’m good.


How did you overcome your fears?

Well, I haven’t really. The fears are still there and they actually get you to think more, the only important thing is to rationalize which fears and problems are important and which ones aren’t. I overcame that by imagining myself as and old man on a beach surrounded by my grandchildren and considering is that thing important.


What would you say to people with a talent they’re afraid to try?

Maybe some are scared with good reason, working this much isn’t for everyone. It requires a great deal of sacrifice in your personal life and even your health. On the other hand, if you have something inside you that you want to do and something you want to change, then you have to do it otherwise you’ll just be miserable.


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